Creative Live! Mic M3 24-bit/96kHz USB Microphone with Cardioid/Omni Polar Patterns, Mic-Monitoring, Mute Button, Detachable Pop Filter/Table Stand

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  • CARDIOID AND OMNI PICKUP PATTERNS - Designed with two 14 mm condenser capsules for dual polar pattern modes, Cardioid and Omni, switch easily between them via the polar pattern control knob. Cardioid pattern is a front-focused mode perfect for single-person recordings and is best used to capture sounds made directly in front of the mic. Omni pattern is an all-angle mode best used to capture sounds equally from all directions, and is great for conference calls or podcasts with 2 to 3 users
  • DEDICATED MUTE BUTTON - Located at the front of the microphone, the direct mute and unmute button lets you quickly and stealthily control your mute status when you need it--like muting yourself when an uncontrollable sneeze happens mid-stream. It is accompanied by an LED indicator so you are aware of your microphone’s status in an instant without the need to check in-app
  • REAL-TIME MIC-MONITORING - Save yourself time from multiple takes and post-production edits with the built-in mic-monitoring feature that lets you hear and monitor yourself in real-time. Being able to monitor how loud you sound or for any unwanted noise that is affecting your recording allows you to make instant adjustment to your setup, and provide better content for your audience. Plug in your headphones via the 3.5 mm port at the bottom of Creative Live! Mic M3 to get started
  • 24-BIT STUDIO-QUALITY RECORDING – At up to 24-bit / 96 kHz high-resolution recording, let your content take center stage without the unnecessary distractions. With Creative Live! Mic M3, your recordings will sound much clearer and smoother, and definitely much more pleasant for your audience; be it your livestreams, podcasts, or even just for normal work calls and everyday conversations
  • DETACHABLE POP FILTER AND ADJUSTABLE TABLE STAND - Reduce plosive effects with the magnetic pop filter so your content can sound more comfortable; plosive effects are the sudden pops when you’re pronouncing your B, P, T, and Ds, these may sound undesirably sharp when heard on high volume levels. Creative Live! Mic M3 is also capable of 90° tilt on its adjustable table stand, and is compatible with the common standard 1/4-20 UNC tripods, so you can easily position and place it in your setup

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