Charger for HP Pavilion/Envy/Stream/Spectre/EliteBook/Chromebook/Split/Compaq/Probook/Sleekbook/Touchsmart/Folio Serie HP Laptop Charger 90w 65W 45W AC Adapter 19v 4,74A

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  • POWER SPECS - Output Max: 19.5V 4.62A;Power:45W 65W 90W ;Input Volt: 100-240 V/50-60 Hz.Interface Size: 4.5*3.0mm +7.4*5.0mm.The replacement for original HP laptop power cord supply AC adapter charger.
  • Compatible Models - Laptop Charger for HP Elitebook 2133 2140 2170p 2210b 2510p 2530p 2540p 2560p 2570p 2710p 6735s 6930p 8510p 8530p 8460p 8540p 8540p 570p 8. 760p 8440p ; HP EliteBook 720 G1 725 G2 740 G1 740 G2 745 G2 750 G1 750 G2 755 G2 820 G1 820 G2 840 G1 840 G2 850 G1 850 G2 8440w 8510w 8460w 8470w 8530w 8540w 8560p 8560w 8570w 8730w 8740w 8760w 8770w ; HP Compaq Presario series CQ32 CQ35 CQ40 CQ41 CQ42 CQ45 CQ50 CQ56 CQ57 CQ58 CQ60 CQ61 CQ61-400 CQ62 CQ70 CQ71 CQ72
  • Compatible Models - Hp Pavilion DM4 Series DM4T DV3 DV4-5213CL DV4T DV5 DV5T DV6 DV6-7210US DV6-7246US DV6-7323CL DV6T DV7-7227CL DV7-7240US DV7-7243CL 7-725. 0US DV7-7255DX DV7-7323CL DV7T DV8 G4 G42 G50 G56 G6 G60 G61 G62 G7 G70 G72 HP M4 M4-1115DX M6 M6-1105DX M6-11252525DX M6-12525 DX M6-100 205DX M6-1225DX 15-3033CL; HP Probook430 G1 430 G2 440 G1 440 G2 450 G1 450 G2 455 G1 455 G2 640 G1 645 G1 50 G1. 655 G16450b 6455b 6460b 6470b 6475b 6550b 6555b 6560b 6570b
  • Compatible Models - HP Pavilion G4 G6 G7 Series: G4-2235DX G4-2275DX G4-2320DX G6-1D18DX G6-1D216DX G6-1D21DX G6-1DUSNR G6-211 G6210 -2213NR 6-221 7CL G6-2218NR G6-2228DX G6-2228NR G6-2231DX G7-1260US G7-1310US G7-1365DX G7- 1167DX G7-1219WM G7-1150US G7-2269WM G7-2 2340DX G7-2240US G7-2270US G7-2323DX G7-2247US G7-1327DX G7-1330DX G7-1338DX G7-1340DX G7-1350DX G7-2010NR G7-20222US G7-21515. DX G7-2 220US G7-2223NR G7-2233CL G7-2235DX G7-2238NR G7-2243US G7-2246NR G7-2251DX G7-2275DX G7-2320DX G7-2325DX
  • Compatible Models - HP EliteBook 725 735 745 755 810 820 830 840 840r 848 850 - G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 Series : 725-G3 745-G3 755-G3 820-G3 840-G3 848-G3 850-G3, 725-G4 745-G4 755-G4 810-G4 820-G4 840-G4 840r-G4 848-G4 850-G4 810-G6 830-G6 840-G6 850-G6, 830-G7 835-G7 840-G7 850-G7; HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1 G2 G3, x360 1030 G1 G2, Folio 9470m 9480M, 1050 G1; HP Elitebook Folio 1020 G1; HP Stream 11 13 14 X2, HP Charger Compatible with TouchSmart 15-n 15-f, Spectre x360 360 x2 13 13t 15 PC; HP Stream 11 13 14 X2, Pavilion x360 x2 11 11t 13 15 M3; HP Chromebook 14 11 G3 G4 G5 Series.
  • Compatible Products - HP Charger Compatible with HP Pavilion 15-e010us 15-e020us 15-e043cl 15-n019wm 15-n065nr 17-e017dx 17-e019dx 17-e020dx 17-e020us 17-e021nr 17-e049wm 17-e055nr 17-e110dx Book m HP Envy touch smart -k, m7-j, 15-j 17-j for HP Envy touch smart 17-j000 17-j010dx 17-j078ca HP ENVY TouchSmart Sleekbook M6 M7 m6-ae151dx m6-k000 m6-k001xx m6-k010dx m6- k012dx m6- k015dx m6-k125dx m6-n010dx m6-n012dx m6-n015dx m6-n113dx m6-w011dx m6-w102dx m7-j000 m7-j010dx m7-j020dx m7-j120dx m7-k010dx m7-k111

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