ASUS ROG Strix RS200 240 mm PCI-E x 16 Riser Cable with 90 degree adapter, patent SafeSlot design, EMI Shielding

Sale price$79.00


ROG STRIX premium riser cable with a sleek, flat and foldable design that lets you mount and display your graphics card vertically. In addition, the laying of cables is also simplified. The patented SafeSlot PCIe design ensures that your graphics card is securely and securely connected to the slot.

With a length of 240mm and compatibility with the PCI-E x16 3.0 standard, the riser cable features a high-frequency and low-impedance PCB design to reduce interference. The exterior has been equipped with EMI shielding to completely prevent interference and power loss. Perfect for the ROG Strix Helios and other compatible cases.

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