Deepcool FH-10 10 Port Fan Hub, Power Up to 10 Fans (3-pin 4-pin), PWM, Blue Led Indicator Light

Sale price$49.00


H-10 is a brand new integrated fan hub from Deepcool capable of powering up to 10 fans (3-pin or 4pin) with PWM modulation, while occupying only one 4-pin motherboard
header per Fan Hub. The FH-10 fan hub allows users to fully populate the case with fans while maintaining clean and efficient cable management. At the same time the blue LED indicator light makes it an attractive choice for cooling performance enthusiasts as well as users seeking no-fuss installation.

Capable of connecting to 10 PC fans simultaneously for cooling the computer system.
Modular design that allows aesthetic cable organization.
Each port has its own PWM function and the fan speed can be adjusted at the same time (only the speed of Fan 1 can be identified by the system.)
Powered by a stable SATA connection to the system PSU for up to 10 fans.
Velcro and screw mountings applicable for the tower interiors.

Technical Spec
Overall Dimension 80X46X15mm
Net Weight 40g
Rated Voltage 12VDC
Fan port 4PINX10
Power port SATAX1
EAN 6933412710301

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