Hy510 30g Grey Thermal Conductive Grease Paste for CPU GPU Chipset Cooling E0x5

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Model: HY510-TU20Q

Brand new and high quality

Shape: Syringe

Weight: Approx. 30g

Color: Grey

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: 1.93W / br />
Thermal Resistance: 0.225

Operating Temperature Range: -30280℃

High thermal conductivity, high insulation and high temperature resistance

Nonvolatile,nontoxic, odorless, non-corrosive

This product is a good thermal conductivity and insulation of metal oxides and imported silicone composite

Widely used in CPU, LED, household appliances and electronic components,etc

Package included:

1 x HY-510 Thermal Paste Grease

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