PCI-E 1x to 16x 1394 DV Video Capture Card With 6 Pin to 4 Pin Firewire Adapter

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PCI-E 1X to 16X 1394 DV Video Capture Card with 6 Pin to 4 Pin Firewire Adapter Desktop Computer 3 Port Accessory
1. Black Taiwan via chip, high-speed and stable, supports for DV and HDV, fully supports for OHCI 1.1 protocol, and excellent compatibility ensures support for various 1394 devices.
2. All slots supporting PCI-E standard include PCI-E 1X, PCI-E 4x, PCI-E 8x and PCI-E 16x. (please check your motherboard slot before purchase)
3. 1394 interface, also known as DV interface or l-link interface; Three external ports, two 6pin ports and one 4Pin port

Main control chip: via chip
Product interface: 2 * 6pin 1 * 4Pin
Applicable slot: PCI-E X1 (compatible with x4, X8 and x16)

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