Starlink Magnetic Roof Mount, Starlink Magnet Mounting Kit, Starlink Mounting Kit, Starlink Roof Mount, Starlink Pole Mount, for Starlink Internet Kit Satellite,Starlink Accessories

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  • The patent has been registered. Important Purpose: The Starlink magnetic roof mount can be attached to the roof of the vehicle to create a temporary fixing point, and it can also be placed on an iron house top or ferrous surface shelf surface to create a permanent fixing point. Solve all kinds of installation problems for you.
  • Install Firmly: The Starlink magnet mounting kit is made from premium materials, ensuring stability and a strong load-bearing capacity, even in heavy winds. This guarantees stable support for your rectangular anten equipment and provides optimal safety for your installation.
  • Protect Appearance: This Starlink magnet mounting kit has a rubber coating that can protect the sensitive ferrous surface from scratches like painting, polished, or other sensitive surfaces. For example, prevent the roof from being scratched; avoid installing ils on the roof.
  • Strong Application: The Starlink magnetic roof mount is precisely fit for Starlink mount, avoiding external thread shaking and wearing brackets while increasing the stability, it solves the trouble of installation for you.
  • Product Features: Starlink magnet mounting kit is made up of 1pcs super strong neodymium magnets and a backed steel plate which was encapsulated by a rubber, each mount can hold up to 25 pounds, and four can hold 100 pounds vertical Hold-force, Making the rectangular disk equipment for Starlink more stable on the ferrous surface..Reliable Quality: Your satisfaction is our motivation and quality after-sales service is provided to go to meet any of your needs.

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