Wall Bushing for Starlink Dishy Ethernet Cable, 1-Inch Starlink Cable Routing Kit Wall Hole Feed-Through Cable Bushing for Starlink Ethernet Cable Grommet Furniture Wire Holes (White, 2 Pack)

Sale price$29.00


  • Reliable Protection: Safeguard your starlink cables from potential damage and abrasion with our durable plastic wall bushings.
  • *Sturdy Construction: Made of robust materials, starlink accessories are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.
  • *Versatile Use: Perfect for seamlessly routing low-voltage starlink cables through walls, ensuring a neat and organized setup.
  • *Hassle-Free Installation: Bushings come with easy-to-follow instructions and require a 1" pre-drilled hole for convenient and secure fitting your starlink cable.
  • *Complete Set: Each pack includes all necessary components, providing a comprehensive solution for starlink sealing wall openings and maintaining cable integrity.

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