YUPVM 2 Port POE Extender 10/100Mbps with IEEE 802.3Af Standard Input/Output for IP Camera Extend 100 Meters for POE Range

Sale price$49.00


  • Supports 10,100Mbps data rates, comply with IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af Standard. Provides 802.3af power levels when powered by any 802.3at source.
  • The PoE Extender features one 30W PoE input port and two 15W PoE output port, running one cable to connect to 2 POE IP devices.
  • The PoE Extender cost effective installation - does not require local power and other configuration required. Powered via the PoE input, Plug and . Automatically detects and protects PoE equipments from being damaged by incorrect installation.
  • The POE extender can extend the range of the Ethernet network by an additional 100m (328 ft). Extended PoE installation range by additional 100M. The maximum is 6 pieces, 700 meters (2296ft) when deployed in cascade.
  • It can forward both Ethernet and PoE power for 1 terminal equipment via Cat5,Cat5e,Cat6,Cat6e,UTP cable(less than 120m).

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